We couldn't have been happier with our choice in Mark and the price was awesome!

We enjoyed having Mark as the DJ at our daughter's wedding. Our guests were pleased that he could play songs that they requested, even uncommon songs for weddings! His voice was pleasing to listen to as well as his personality. We really appreciated the way he kept to the music and style of the reception that we requested. We couldn't have been happier with our choice in Mark and the price was awesome!

Submitted by Carol S.

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If you want a personalized music experience at a great price, Mark is your guy.

We cannot say enough good things about Mark. He helped us out a lot in planning and coordinating our ceremony and wedding music at a rather difficult venue site. We greatly appreciated all of his extra help and dedication to our wedding day. If you want a personalized music experience at a great price, Mark is your guy.

Submitted by Jillian And Conrad Sawicki

He offered me so much help during the planning phase of the wedding...

Mark was AMAZING! From our very first phone call, to our first meeting, all the way to the last song played at the wedding! He offered me so much help during the planning phase of the wedding, which I was so thankful for. I had a list of certain songs I wanted played and even some he had never heard of! But he was able to get those songs with no problem!! Aside from my short list of songs, the entire night he played my guests requests! The entire night my guests (and myself) were dancing, even through dinner! The night was magical and without our amazing DJ it would not have been that way. Thank you so much Mark, we had the best night ever thanks to you!!

Submitted by Kassandra S.

Extremely knowledgeable about music from different time periods, genres, artists, and songs...

Mark did an excellent job at our wedding! He worked hard throughout the night to play almost all of our songs that we requested. Our song list was like 18 hours long, but he did an awesome job playing majority of the music. It was great to meet with him a couple of times to go over all the details. When planning Mark also gave us great tips and suggestions. He is easy going with a great sense of humor and is extremely knowledgeable about music from different time periods, genres, artists, and songs. He even played some Polish, Spanish and Portuguese music that we requested and presented to him. So if anyone is Polish and wants some Polish music to be played, Mark is the DJ to choose. All our guests had a great time on the dance floor! He is very affordable and we are very happy that we choose him. He deejayed at my parents wedding as well and did a great job playing their wedding song during our reception. It was a honor to have him deejay at our wedding!

Submitted by Alina & Matt C.

A real pleasure to work with both in the planning and execution

Mark did an outstanding job at my daughter's wedding. Her and her husband's music selections were not your normal wedding style music (the EELS, Weezer, Cake...) but Mark did an awesome job finding appropriate songs from these groups and from guest requests to keep everyone happy. He arrived 2 hours early and started playing music while we and the food vendors were setting up which made our work much more pleasant. He was spot on with the ceremony music. He was a real pleasure to work with both in the planning and execution.

Submitted by Private User

Fun DJ! A real music enthusiast at a very affordable price...

Mark is fantastic! He played the majority of the songs that I asked him as well as the songs that people requested at our wedding. I unfortunately didn't get to dance most of the time, but our guests were over the moon with him, so I'm happy with that! He even stayed after the wedding to schmooze with my parents and in-laws, who also liked him. Super nice guy couldn't ask for a better wedding DJ. He ran the wedding like a disk jockey runs a radio show by announcing each song he played, great for guests who want to know what songs they like. If you want a music enthusiast who loves his job and at a very affordable price this is the guy for you!

Submitted by Sarah M.

We have had nothing but compliments with You're Playing Our Song DJ!

Mark was fantastic, and he had my entire family up dancing and having an amazing time. All of our guests were allowed to request songs and he played almost every song both my husband and I wanted to hear, and our guests. He is extremely friendly and will work with you day and night. I even made some changes last min and he didn't complain or fuss, he went right along with it. He was extremely reliable and whenever i sent him an email i would have a response within a few minuets or immediately the next day. Mark is also very affordable, which made our budget very, very happy! We had such a great experience with him, and even 3 days after the wedding our family is still talking about how much fun we had on the dance floor. Thank you so much, Mark!

Submitted by Jennifer & Kevin Landers

Mark went above and beyond to fulfill our special request songs...

Mark was great! He played every song that we had requested. It was pouring down rain at our outdoor wedding. He was soaked through, but that did not slow him down. The dance floor was full from the start to finish. We were supposed to end at 10:30 pm and he just kept playing until 11:30 pm because no one wanted to leave. We were having so much fun. He added special notes to songs when they were special to people. He played multiple guests wedding songs and had a special shout out to my 94 year old grandma and her song. He spent hours prior to the wedding finding the weird special request songs. Mark went above and beyond. You can tell he really loves what he does. I would recommend him highly to anyone.

Submitted by Sarah C.

Every Single Person At The Wedding Was Out On The Dance Floor...

Mark DJ'd our wedding April 2016. He did an excellent job!! Every single person at the wedding was out on the dance floor at least for one song!! So many of our guests were out on the dance floor the entire night. We received so many compliments for his fantastic music the entire night. I had provided Mark with a list of must play and he was able to play a large amount of the music I had requested for the night. I would strongly recommend him for your next party! He was diligent and excellent! Thanks Mark again!

Submitted by Kerri K.

Mark Is An Amazing DJ!

Mark is an amazing DJ! He was incredibly professional from the first day we hired him up until now. He has a diverse music selection, and he played songs that we wanted to hear! He did an excellent job in incorporating music that our guests liked with music that my husband and I enjoy listening to. The guests were impressed by him, and we were all dancing! Mark provided excellent communication throughout the whole planning process - he is incredibly thorough with his music itinerary and offers great advice and opinions on scheduling and song selections. We all had a great time!! Thanks so much, Mark, for being an awesome DJ! I highly recommend your services to any bride out there that is looking for a DJ!

Submitted by Oksana S.

Great DJ!

Mark did a great job as our wedding DJ last weekend. Throughout the whole process, he was very responsive and friendly. He is very knowledgeable about music, and passionate about what he does. He is also very flexible and willing to accommodate requests. During the wedding, he kept the music going and the guests dancing! We had a long list of songs we wanted played and he was very good about playing our songs, as well as including guests' requests. He was a fantastic DJ to work with and we highly recommend him for your wedding or other event!

Submitted by Shanna M.

He Went Above & Beyond To Make Our Night Special...

Mark was awesome to work with! He got all my favorite songs into the reception and played many of the guests requests as well. We also had a special list of songs for cocktail hour and not only did he get those for us, he made us a CD of the collection so we could have it forever! He went way above and beyond to make our night special and he was very reasonably priced. Two thumbs way way up!

Submitted by Kristyn T.