Worth it!

The camp was awesome, beyond what I could have expected. You have a truly terrific group of instructors. We know that you are putting all kinds of time and effort into the experience for all of the kids, and we appreciate it.

Submitted by Heather G.

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Act One Theatre Camp (ONLINE!) Most Recent Recommendations


My son and daughter loved theater camp, and it broadened their horizons with respect to performances and movie making. Thank you so much! What touched me most, however, was the love and care you guys put into the program.

Submitted by Ben W.

My son was DONE with Zoom, but...

From a kid who is totally over everything to do with Zoom, he loved this camp! He had a great time, and looked forward to it every day.

Submitted by Liz W. L.

Extended Family across the country got to watch!

With the Final Show being online, we had some pretty excited aunties and grandparents. Thank you so much, our kids have really loved this camp... by far and away their favorite this summer! Totally took their minds off all the aggravation of social distancing. Thank you.

Submitted by Lee M.

Can't Stop Talking About Camp :D

Our dinner table conversations were all the excitement from her day at camp. You all deserve a standing ovation for how hard you've worked to make this an enjoyable experience, especially in the wake of a pandemic and remote learning. Kudos to each and every one of you!

Submitted by Kristina H.

My daughter's HOOKED!

She's even started making her own films at home, using the skills she learned from camp. Mr. Josh and the Act One crew have created an awesome virtual camp where the campers learn a lot about the filmmaking process, are encouraged to explore their creativity, and have a lot of fun! Our daughter loved the summer camp so much that she continued on with both the Fall and the Winter programs!

Submitted by Penelope R.

10 Stars!!!

Simply wow! You have my 10 stars. We were a little apprehensive about the 'long haul' for our son: three weeks, 9am-2pm, on a topic he's had zero experience or interest in so far! But after finishing camp, I can tell you not only did he enjoy himself thoroughly every single day, he actually felt very sad on the Friday that camp was ending. Saturday was a rough day at home!

Submitted by Shuba & Sandip S.

One of her FAVORITE camps ever!

We loved that each session had an online red carpet event, a show, and a music video. The kids feel like they're really a part of the production, and feel so accomplished. My daughter loved this camp, and said that it is one of the best camps she's ever been to.

Submitted by Xiao W.

Love! Love! Love!

Our daughter absolutely loved her summer camp session, from the very first day to the last one! She could not wait for the evening to tell us all the fun games and activities she had participated in. I was grateful to have found the professional team at Act One who manage to get her away from the gloom of the lock-down which threatened to spoil her summer break.

Submitted by Carole W.

Just right for my kid

The scripts they create are so well thought out, and tailored to the kids' strengths and abilities. The care they take into creating a full-fledged production at the end of each virtual session is amazing. They are professionals who are extremely passionate about each aspect of the performance arts that they teach. We felt so fortunate that our son was able to participate in this wonderful program!

Submitted by Marie N.

Bonus Bonding Time with my daughter

I have to admit, I had a blast with the acting and filming with my daughter. It was a great way to have a special bonding session with her. She has LOVED your summer camp. She looks forward to each class, she loves the schedule, and she loves each of you. It was also so special to hear her say 'my friend, Paige' or 'my friend, Grace'. The fact that friendships can be formed over your Zoom sessions is remarkable.

Submitted by Erin O.

A dream come true!

My daughter loved the fact that she could be an actress in L.A., while sitting in her house in Uruguay, South America! It was a great experience, with an amazingly professional staff. Looking forward to 2021!

Submitted by Bettina S.

Changed my daughter's life

Act One Theatre Camp quite possibly changed our daughter's life. She was very nervous speaking up in a group, often being missed in a crowd. But throughout the three week session she found her voice, and she genuinely had fun being a part of the group. She continued into the school year more confident than she has ever been. And she continues to have a passion for acting, singing, and dancing that Act One has nourished in her. We can't wait for the next session!

Submitted by Brandy M.


The camp's staff is engaging, professional, spontaneous, and silly, all in the right amounts at the right times. I am so impressed by how well organized this group is, and by how much my daughter learned while having fun! I highly recommend this camp.

Submitted by Becky D.